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Prepaid Card Basics

What is it?
Why do you need it?

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Who needs a prepaid credit card?

Budget conscious people
Credit challenged people



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Those with Bad or No Credit can Get a Visa or MasterCard


Is your credit damaged or not yet established?

For people with damaged or no credit history, prepaid credit cards are a smart choice. Now you can reserve hotel rooms or car rentals with prepaid credit cards.

If you have damaged or bad credit, you may already know that how difficult it is to get approved for a credit card. A prepaid credit card can give you convenience and security advantages over carrying cash. There are not many credit cards that offer Guaranteed Approval and the ones that do have strings attached or may be a credit card scam. There are numerous cards for those with bad credit but only a few that have absolutely guaranteed, no questions-asked approval and that don't need to screen your credit report. Now there are prepaid cards, which carry the Mastercard symbol and can be used in stores all over the U.S. Prepaid cards can be a good alternative to secured credit cards.

Getting a Visa or MasterCard has never been easier with prepaid debit cards. It offers one of the easiest ways to establish or reestablish the credit you deserve. Your approval is 100% guaranteed once you meet the above minimum requirement. There will be no credit checks or employment verification.

Prepaid credit cards do not require any credit history. There are no employment verifications or credit checks. A person can simply deposit money into an account with the issuing card company either through check payments, online transfers from your checking account, or directly from your payroll. That's why prepaid cards are also known as Payroll cards. Your spending limit is based on the amount loaded onto your card.



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