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Prepaid Card Basics

What is it?
Why do you need it?

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Who needs a prepaid credit card?

Budget conscious people
Credit challenged people



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Budgeting is easy with Prepaid Credit Cards


Do you want to control your spending?

With prepaid cards you are spending money you already have, not money you hope you'll have. Your spending is under control because you can only spend as much as you have deposited, thus there is no overspending or outstanding debt.

You set the spending limits by the prepaid amount loaded on the card. You also can log on to their Web site to review your spending. Prepaid credit cards make it easy to get your spending under control and shop wisely.

You will be legally responsible for the account and in charge of loading money from your checking or savings account, or from a credit or debit card. You'll set your own spending limits based on how much money you load, and you'll decide where and when to shop. You'll be able to manage your account online or over the telephone and set your own budgeting and spending goals.


Online tracking

Track your spending online will help you make a budget. You can check remaining stored value, view purchases and transactions at the card issuer's website.

Seeing exactly where your money had already gone on the card, website helps you plan how you would spend your money with the prepaid card in the future. By reviewing how much is left on their card for the remainder of the month, you will be able to start to think about your plans for the weekend, and then for the remainder of the mont -and get serious about a budget.


Tips for budgeting

Important tips to help youth learn about financial independence include:

  • Ask yourself if you can pay for everything you really want.
  • Ask yourself if it would be smarter to pay for purchases by cash or
  • Remember to pay your bills on time.
  • Remember to create a spending plan and to stick to it.
  • Remember to keep track of how you spend your paycheck.
  • Remember to save money out of each paycheck.
  • Remember to create a financial plan to reach your money goals.

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