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Students Need Pre-paid Credit Cards


Young adults and students can learn money management skills with a prepaid credit card.

Are you a student? A big part of growing up is being mature enough to handle money, making sure what you have is enough for what you need. You should learn that you can't spend money you don't have and should spend only the money that you've budgeted.

Prepaid credit cards provide the convenience of paying with a card while learning good money management skills.

Young adults and students can use these cards to learn the credit building ability. Student bills can stack up quickly so it would seem logical to use prepaid cards.

Regular credit cards require you to be at least 18 years old to get an account. But with prepaid credit cards, you can have a card in your own name, if your parents sign up for you. You'll be able to buy with a prepaid credit card anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

The Adult responsible for your prepaid card account can load money for an allowance, a gift or a reward, and if you have your own bank account, you can also load money. Online and telephone customer service will help you track your purchases and money loads--so you know how much money you have spent and you can learn to budget purchases with your card.


Independent, Convenient Spending

You can use a prepaid credit card just like adults use credit and debit cards at any VIsa or MasterCard merchant locations. At the mall, in your favorite store, you know the drill: Find what you need, hand your card to the clerk, sign your name on the receipt, get a copy of the receipt and your card back--and you're done. The card can also be used to access cash at ATMs. You get the independence you deserve, with the built-in spending controls of a pre-paid card.


Learn the money management skills

These days many teens have their own credit cards or have access to parents' credit cards, or have debit cards. But the problem is, many teens are not responsible users of credit cards. When teens have money, they love to spend. Many college students get deep into debt by the time they graduate.

The prepaid credit card helps you learn financial responsibility and good money management skills. By learning early on about effectively managing your expenses, you will get a priceless lesson, which will hopefully prevent you from making costly mistakes in the future.

Because it's a prepaid card and not a regular credit card, spending is limited to the amount of money that's loaded onto the card. It's a perfect tool to learn the crucial experience of tracking spending, setting priorities, and managing money using spending limits.


Online tracking

Students can track spending from this account online. You can check remaining stored value, view purchases and transactions, and learn about special offers from merchants..

Seeing exactly where your money had already gone on the card, website helps students plan how you would spend your money with the prepaid card in the future. By reviewing how much is left on their card for the remainder of the month, you will be able to start to think about your plans for the weekend, and then for the remainder of the mont -and get serious about a budget.

The prepaid card gives you independence, but along with that came responsibility.





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