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Prepaid Card Basics

What is it?
Why do you need it?

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Prepaid Visa Cards
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Who needs a prepaid credit card?

Budget conscious people
Credit challenged people



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Useful Sites


Credit Information





  • Consumer Guide - Consumer tips for autos, insurance, credit, travel, technology and more.

  • Ideas by Creativity Pool - A free pool of global innovation and future inventions. People can search the database for creative inspiration, or donate new ideas and be rewarded.

  • Irish Websites - Tourism, Property, Genealogy, Irish Music, History and other sites of Irish Interest

  • Tipz Time - Household tips, ideas for home and garden improvement, holiday crafts, food hints, plus frugal money and timesavers. Stain removal ideas and cleaning solutions. Family tips, and Business Tips. Free charts for parents, teachers and homeschoolers. Save money with the coupon area!

  • Corporate Gifts Co - Engraved silver corporate gifts of Distinction

  • CMMS - Maintenance Software
    Champs Software, Inc. is focused on creating and implementing software solutions that enable large enterprises to optimize the life cycles of their capital assets.

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