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Why You Need a Pre-paid Credit Card


Credit cards allowed us to buy something and charge it, even if we didn¡¯t have the cash to pay for it. The overflow of credit cards over the last several decades has made credit card debt the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy:

Debt is a serious problem in our society. Excessive debt can keep us from being able to live a normal lifel and can cause significant stress. Credit cards are the most accessible kind of debt, with the average American family having 14.7 credit cards.


Is this card for you?

You don't like debt, but don't want to carry cash--a prepaid credit card lets you purchase without fear of debt and without fear of carrying cash. Or maybe you have children in college and you want to give them the money they need but also have some control over spending as well.

A prepaid credit card can give you convenience and security advantages over carrying cash.

It's a perfect tool to start teaching teens about tracking spending, setting priorities, and managing money using spending limits. Plus, it's a lot safer for them to carry a credit card than cash.

Safer Than Cash

The prepaid credit card is a lot safer than carryin cash. When cash is lost, it is gone forever. However, if your prepaid card is ever lost or stolen, you're protected by Visa or MasterCard's no liability policy

Unlike losing that twenty-dollar bill, with the prepaid card you're protected from unauthorized transactions if the card is lost or stolen. Just report the loss immediately by calling the card issuer's customer service. The prepaid card is also a safety net when you need more money and you're away from home-one call and you can have more money loaded to the card 24 hours a day.


Financial Education

Have you considered how to teach your children to handle money? You can obtain a pre paid credit card for teenagers and college students that are rechargeable. You kids cannot spend more than the amount loaded on the prepaid credit cards.

This parent-controlled card is designed to help parents teach their teens about using credit in a controlled environment.


Online tracking of expenditures

Unlike cash, with prepaid credit cards you'll be able to see every purchase you make-the merchant, the date and the dollar amount. Tracking your card balance and transactions is fast and easy and you'll be learning smart money skills that last a lifetime. You know exactly where the money is going:
students and parents can track spending from this account online


Like to shop , but no credit card? -- Credit history does not matter.

There are not many credit cards that offer Guaranteed Approval and the ones that do have strings attached or may be a credit card scam. There are numerous cards for those with bad credit but only a few that have absolutely guaranteed, no questions-asked approval and that don't need to screen your credit report. These pre-paid cards have guaranteed approval, no interest charges


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